New Ballad CD

Cary Fridley – Rainbow Mist

Featuring Travis Stuart on banjo, Mary Ellen Davis and Laura Blackley on harmony vocals.

Rainbow Mist



A note about the songs… The songs on Rainbow Mist can be divided into three categories: Madison County, NC ballads, Ola Belle Reed songs, and “other,” which includes ballads from other places and old time songs. All of the songs are old, and come from singers who learned them from older generations passing them down before the invention of audio recordings. Most of the songs are from poor areas of the Appalachian mountains. Here is a breakdown of each song source to enlighten the listener a little more about the inspirations behind Rainbow Mist.
1. Remember And Do Pray For Me – Lloyd Chandler (Madison County, NC)

2. Awake Awake – Dillard Chandler (Madison Country, NC)

3. .44 Gun – Lily May Ledford (Powell County, KY)

4. Fine Sally – Cas Wallin (Madison Country, NC)

5. I’ve Endured – Ola Belle Reed (Ashe County, NC)

6. My Love Has Brought Me to Despair – Berzilla Wallin (Madison County, NC)

7. Rainbow Mist – Alameda Riddle (Cleburne County, AR)

8. Carolina Lady – Dillard Chandler (Madison County, NC)

9. Golden Vanity – Dillard Chandler (Madison County, NC)


One thought on “New Ballad CD

  1. Can’t believe you’re doing the Golden Vanity! I have around 15 versions of this incredible song/story

    Posted by steve becker | March 22, 2016, 7:56 am

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